AYSO Region 104


AYSO Region 104 Policies

Registration Refunds

Refund Policy

We certainly hope that it will not be necessary for you to cancel your registration. However, if you must withdraw from AYSO, you can request a refund under the following conditions:

  • Players withdrawing prior to August 1 will be issued a full refund.
  • Players withdrawing between August 1 and the first game of the fall season will be issued a refund of one half the registration fee.
  • After the first game of the fall season, no refunds will be issued. (Special circumstances will be considered.)

Requesting a Refund

To request a refund of your registration fee, please email your request to the Regional Treasurer. Please include player name, AYSO ID number, parent name, original method of payment, and mailing address.

Minors as Volunteers

Minors in Coaching Positions

Although AYSO appreciates and encourages young people to participate in all aspects of soccer, including coaching and officiating, no one under the age of 18 may hold the team coach or assistant coach positions, and must not be allowed to supervise other minors. They can be encouraged to help at practices – demonstrating skills and drills, for example – only if two trained and certified adults are present at all times.

Minors as Referees

Players aged 10 and over are invited to volunteer as referees. Youth referees have the same rights and responsibilities as adult referees. That is, they are responsible for the game from the time they enter the field until they leave. Youth referees complete the same training and receive the same mentoring as adult referees.

Becoming a referee is a great way for any serious player to improve his or her knowlege of the game of soccer. Understaning the laws, as referees must, and knowing how the referees see the game can really help a U14 or U19 player take their game to the next level.

Albuquerque Park and APS Facilities Rules and Restrictions

Albuquerque City Field Usage Rules

The following rules apply to City Parks and APS Facilities:

  1. No practicing in the goal mouths - no putting up nets on goals. Violation of this could lead to your removal from the park.
  2. Pick up trash after all games and practices. Please take your trash with you so that you don't over fill the trash cans at the parks.
  3. Do not park in driveways or bolck mail box deliveries. Be respectful of neighborhoods surrounding the fields.
  4. Park on the park side of the street first before parking in front of the neighbors' houses.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in City parks. Glass containers are not allowed in City parks.
  6. Never ask park residents for water or to use their bathrooms.
  7. Keep dogs leashed at all times. Clean up after your pets.
  8. Discontinue play in lightning, heavy rain or when there is standing water on the field.
  9. Soccer and football teams should play in the middle of the field. T-ball teams should remain in the corners of the fields.
  10. Be respectful of other teams on the field, sharing is mandatory.
  11. If an APS field is being watered during your practice or game time, Please - do not attempt to circumvent the watering system. This has been done in the past by others (not AYSO), resulting in the loss of the field and several thousand dollars worth of damage.
  12. If there are other teams on your field, try to share equally whether they are AYSO teams or teams from other leagues.

If you have any questions, please contact the Park Coordinator.