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Whether you are new to coaching or have coached for years, we all like to browse collections of drills to find something we can use or something that inspires us to go create our own drill. Here we have a collection of drills you can use.

With each drill, you have an opportunity to rate it and to provide comments.So let us know what you think about a drill or if you have a different way to teach similar concepts.

FineSoccer Drills Archive

Between 1999 and 2008 Lawrence Fine published a soccer drills newsletter, which was posted on FineSoccer.com. Over more than 10 years your webmaster has been coaching, theses drills have provided the inspiration for many great practices. The drills aren't available on FineSoccer.com anymore, but we recently ran across an archive of these drills and got permission to reprint them here for all of you to use. The drills provided here are reprinted with permission of World Class Coaching 1,000's of pages of training sessions from the world's top teams and coaches.

We have over 200 FineSoccer drills in our archive, and we are in the process of editing them so they can be presented here. So check back regularly, and you will see the list grow. While we have a lot of drills here, our archive is incomplete, so you will see gaps in the numbers. We did that intentionally so that we could retain the original FineSoccer Drill numbers.

FineSoccer Drills List