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FineSoccer Drill 123 - Finishing and Agressiveness

Here is a fun game that works on goal scoring, communication, aggressiveness and teamwork.

Start with three teams, and two goal with keepers in them. All three teams are on the field at the same time and the field will depend upon the number of players on the field as well as how much running the coach wants the players to do. Using a team of 17 as an example, it would be 5 v 5 v 5 with two keepers on a field 60 v 40 or so. The coach has a bunch of soccer balls on the sideline. See diagram below for set up

The coach serves a ball in and whichever team gets the ball is on offense and can attack EITHER goal. If that team loses the ball, whichever team wins it can also go to either goal. The players learn real quickly that they need to get to goal as quickly as possible because they will not be able to maintain possession for long periods of time since there are twice as many opponents on the defending teams.

There is no offside rule in this game and anytime the ball goes out of play (or a keeper wins the ball) the coach then serves in a new ball.

Teams will learn real quickly that if they want to win in this game, they will have to be the aggressor and not sit back and wait for the ball to come to them. They will also learn to spread out offensively and compress defensively.

Other variations are that when a team wins the ball from another team, they must attack the goal furthest from where they are. Also, points can be awarded for head balls won (and the coach can chip balls into play) as well as any number of other options.

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