AYSO Region 104


Training for U5/U6 and U7/U8 Coaches

AYSO requires all coaches and assistant coaches complete the following training and certification before taking the field with their players:

  • Submit a Volunteer Application. (This has to be done every year.)
  • Coach Safe Haven training. (This classroom training is required once during your coaching career. The on-line version is not accepted at this time.)
  • Age-appropriate coach training. (Generally required every other year.)

The age-appropriate coach training includes a classroom session and a field session. For U5 and U6 coaches, it is the U5/U6 Coaching Class; for U7 and U8 coaches, it is the U7/U8 Coaching Class. Because the coaching curriculum includes classes for each two-year age group, coaches will need to take a class every other year to meet this requirement.

Online Training

Because the large number of coaches and assistant coaches in U5 through U8 puts a real strain on our ability to deliver live training, AYSO has created online training courses as a replacement for the U5/U6 and U7/U8 classroom sessions.

To be qualified to coach your team, you must complete the online training and attend the age-appropriate field session. You will find the schedule of field sessions on the training schedule.

Get Your AYSO ID Number

The first step to getting the online training is to look up your AYSO ID number. (Of course, if you haven't filled out and submitted a volunteer form, you won't be able to get your ID.)

To get your AYSO ID number, go to eAYSO and log in.

eAYSO Screenshot

If, you can't get your AYSP ID off of eAYSO, contact the CVPA for help.

Take the On-line Training

Go to AYSO Online Certification and Training, and pick a course.

AYSOtraining Screenshot

Log in with your AYSO ID number and your last name, and enjoy the course.

AYSOtraining Screenshot

But Wait...There's More

Once you've completed the online training, don't forget to got to the training schedule and sign up for and attend the field session! (And if you haven't taken Coach Safe Haven, sign up for one of those classroom sessions also.)