AYSO Region 104


Environmental Dangers In New Mexico

Be Aware and Keep the Players Safe

As explained in the Coach Safe Haven Program, here in New Mexico, we coaches need to be concerned about three dangers to our players: lightning, dehydration, and hypothermia.


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You may experience lightning at practices and games during just about any part of the year, but it is most common in our fall season. Nationwide, lightning kills an average of 62 people and injures hundreds more each year. The key to keeping the player safe is to plan ahead and take lightning seriously. For more information, see the National Weather Service's Lightning Safety Page



During our fall season, the hot weather and vigorous exercise puts children, coaches, referees, and spectators at risk of illness due to dehydration. The following ideas will help keep everyone safe.


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While the sun is the major factor in the fall, the cold, wind, and rain can ruin a good day of soccer in the spring. Please keep the following in mind.