AYSO Region 104


What's My Division?

This is Perhaps the Most Frequently Asked Question

In AYSO, and in other soccer organizations, we organize teams by age group, and we distinguish those groups by the age of the players before the season starts. If, for example, a player is 6 on August 1, that player is considered "Under 7" and plays in the U7 Division. As the name suggests it is possible to play with an older age group; that same U7 player could play in the U8 Division if his or her parents chose. In general, we recommend that players stay with their age group; however, players born in August often opt to "play up" and join the next older division to stay with their school classmates.

Please note that regardless of circumstances, players are never allowed to play in a younger division. If you have a player with special needs that can't be met on a team of his or her peers, check out our Very Important Player program.

The different divisions play on fields sized based on the players' age and use rules that are appropriate for the players' development. We offer single-year divisions for U5, U6, U7, and U8. We use two-year age groups for U10, U12, and U14. All high school aged players play in the U19 Division.