AYSO Region 104


Field Markers

Not Just Magic

I'll bet you thought field marking happened by magic; illusive fairies descend on the fields at night and paint lines so we can play soccer. Well, it's something like that. It is our dedicated corps of volunteer field markers, often unseen and unacknowledged, who make sure our fields are properly marked for each game. They battle the elements and the city's mowing and watering schedule for the players. So if you happen to see someone paining lines on our fields, take a minute to shake their hand and say, "Thanks!" And if you'd like to volunteer to be a field marker, please e-mail the Field Marking Administrator. He will set you up with equipment and training.

Field Marking Information

Field marking instructions are available on the referee page under "Useful Links." The information is presented as a slide show. Just click on each page to advance, or move your mouse over the lower right corner for more controls. This technology is experimental, so take a look and let the webmaster know if you like it or if you have trouble with it.