AYSO Region 104


Parents and Players

Here we have links to lots of information of interest to our AYSO parents and players. The links at the left will direct you to information you will use all the time like game schedules and the 1000 Minutes program.

Four events that are important to every soccer parent, and that have a habit of sneaking up on you, are registration, team pictures, trophies, and summer camp. You will find links to those in the Annual Events list.

We also have a survey that we request you fill out toward the end of each season. We'd like to know how your coach did. We recruit and train volunteer coaches with the expectation that they will create a positive environment in which all the players can grow as kids and as soccer players. Your feedback really helps us know where we need to work on our coach education.

As a fundraiser, we offer discounted admission to Cliff's Amusement Park in the spring. When you buy your Cliff's admission on-line through the link at the left, you get a deep discount and your region gets a portion of the ticket amount.

In addition, we have a lost and found place where you can post information about items you've found at games or look for information about items you've lost. We also have a link to UNM Lobo soccer and other soccer organizations in town. We also have a link to the soccer accident insurance in case your child gets hurt on the field and a link to some nutrition information that will help our players stay fit and strong.