AYSO Region 104


Have Fun and Raise Funds for Our Region

2013 Season

Cliff's Amusement Park LogoAYSO Region 104 partners with Cliff's Amusement Park to give our AYSO families a discount to Cliff's while earning some money for the Region.

Taking advantage of this offer couldn't be easier. Simply plan an outing to Cliff's any time through September and buy your tickets on-line before leaving home. Go to Cliff's Tickets to get the discounted rate.

This is a Great Deal

If you enjoy Cliff's and like to save money, your going to love this offer. Using the AYSO promotion, you'll save up to 33% on Ride Passes.

And, when you buy your Ride Pass, the Region will get $2.00 per Pass. When you enjoy yor day at Cliff's, you will also help keep down the price of AYSO soccer so you can enjoy our fun, family-centered programs without breaking the bank. Go to Cliff's Tickets and have a great day!