AYSO Region 104


Coach Evaluation

Your Input Helps Make AYSO Better

Every year we ask you to rate your coach's performance in a number of categories. This year we are bringing you that survey here on-line. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to tell us about your coach. That's one important way we can improve the organization.

If you have more than one player please fill out the survey for each one. Note that this information is annonymous; we will use it to help decide who is asked to coach next year, to recommend training to coaches in specific areas, and to acknowlege outstanding coaches.


Step 1 - What Team Were You On?

Please select the team and coach you were with last season.

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Step 2 - How was your coach?

You are evaluating of Team


  1. This coach models the AYSO philosophies of Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.
  2. During this season, my child's soccer skills improved.
  3. During this season, my child's understanding of sportsmanship improved.
  4. The coach puts the player's safety first.
  5. The coach runs well-organized, well-planned practices.
  6. The coach communicates well with parents about:
  7. Expectations.
  8. Practice schedules.
  9. Game schedules.
  10. Game or practice cancellations.
  11. Training opportunities for parents and volunteers.
  12. The coach involves parents, and the parents always feel welcome at practice.
  13. The coach is skillful in dealing with problems such as player attitudes.
  14. The coach is skillful at controlling spectators on the sidelines.
  15. The coach demonstrates respect for referees and proper dispute resolution.
  16. The coach is a positive influence on my child.
  17. The team was a positive experience for my child.
  18. This soccer season was a positive experience for my child.
  19. I would recommend this coach to a friend.


  1. Overall Impression:

Your comments are extremely helpful. What would you like us to know about your coach?