AYSO Region 104


"The losers owe their loss to him and the winners triumph in spite of him. Scapegoat for every error, cause of every misfortune, the fans would have to invent him if he didn't already exist."

--Eduardo Galeano


Referees are Volunteers Too

Referees are critical to the game of soccer - without them the game cannot be played. Volunteers generally referee between one game every other week to several games each Saturday. Refereeing is a great way to help the youth in our community, while watching a game or two. AYSO games are designed to provide a safe, fun, and fair environment for the game of soccer. As an all-volunteer organization, our goal is to provide an environment where the parents, spectators, coaches, players, and referees are all members of the same team.

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Referee Center

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Here we have a collection of useful information for our referees. Take a look around and see what information is available. If there is something you'd like to see here, please e-mail the webmaster with your suggestions.

What are the Rules for that Division?

Ever wonder whether U11 games were 50 minutes or 60? Are headers allowed at U9? The At-a-Glance page is your handy resource for all those division-specific rules. Take a look at it before your next match.

Top 10 Areas of Improvement for U5 - U8 Referees

If you are refereeing in U5 - U8, take a look at the top 10 list of common referee mistakes. If you can avoid or correct these errors in your game, you and the players will have a better experience.

Youth Referees

Region 104 has a terrific youth referee program. Any player over age 10 who is interested in learning the laws of the game and refereeing matches is welcome to join. See the Youth Referee section of the website for all the details.


Are you interested in improving your refereeing skills and advancing your certification? See the certification page for details of the referee training program.

Reporting Misconduct

If you ever have to caution or send off a player or coach, you will need to file a report with the chief referee and possibly others. Take a look at the Reporting Misconduct page for all the details.

On-Line Referee Scheduler

Region 104 uses an on-line referee scheduler to help referees select games and to help the division's referee scheduler ensure all the games have centers.

At U9, the home team provides the referee, but we want our U9 refs to use the on-line ref scheduler to help us coordinate and monitor. Referees at U10 and above are "neutral referees;" that is, they don't referee their child's game. Referees at U10 and up use the on-line scheduler to select a game that suits their schedule (generally the game right before or right after their child's game). If their are games that don't have a referee scheduled, the division's referee scheduler e-mails referees to find someone to cover the games.

To find a game to referee, you can click on "Referee Scheduler" in the "Useful Links" box at the top of the page and select the games you want. You can referee in your children's division, pick up the occasional game in an older division to hone your skills, or help out in a younger division that needs refs. You can always request a mentor by checking the mentor box on the referee scheduler, and the ref scheduler for your division will do their best to have someone watch your game and give you feedback to improve your refereeing.

Video Presentations

DynamicThought.com has prepared a couple of really great videos. The first is a presentation of Law 11 - Offside. If you can't quite get your head around the offside law, or you want another explanation, check out the offside video.

DynamicThought.com has also prepared a more general video on the field markings and how they are used on restarts. Have a look at it here.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming referee events on the calendar


Referee Training

Six Levels of Training and Certification

The referee program in Region 104 provides for multiple levels of referee training and certification. At each level the depth of understanding of the game is increased, matching the needs of the players as they become stronger, faster and more experienced.

The three entry level positions are the U5/U6 Referee, the U7/U8 Referee (also known as U8 Official) and the Regional Referee. Knowledge of the game is not required prior to training at any of these levels.

  • For the younger players, U5/U6 and U7/U8 referees are typically in control of the games. Since the level of play is very low and the simple guiding principals "Safe, Fun, and Fair" are the over-riding concerns of the game.
  • The Basic Referee Level is the certification required for U9 and older. Referees starting at this level typically cover games in the U9 through U12 divisions. Players at these ages are transitioning from a fun Saturday activity to a somewhat faster and more technical game where knowledge of the laws of the game is required for game management.

Other than the entry level certifications, the Intermediate, Advanced and National levels all require the referee be currently certified at the preceding level (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, respectively) before he or she can upgrade.

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