AYSO Region 104


Disciplinary Sanctions for Youth Referee Abuse, AYSO Region 104

  1. The Regional Referee Administrator, upon receipt of any reported abuse of a youth referee shall investigate the incident and shall implement appropriate discipline, before the next game if possible. The offending person, the Division Commissioner, Regional Coach Administrator, Girl's or Boy's Coordinator, and the Regional Child Protection Advocate shall be notified of the disciplinary action.
  2. The following sanctions will be applied until and unless modified by an Appeals and Disciplinary Committee (A & D Committee) convened to hear the matter:
  3. Type of Abuse Minimum Suspension

    Verbal abuse of a youth referee (serious dissent, criticism or demeaning language but which does not include offensive, insulting, or foul language) – first offense

    A one (1) game/week suspension. In addition, an A&D Committee hearing may be convened for the purposes of considering additional sanctions and/or remedial actions or to appeal the charges. The request for this hearing may come from either the Regional Referee Administrator or by the individual(s) for which the abuse allegations are against.

    Serious verbal abuse of a youth referee. For example: using offensive, insulting, or abusive language or second reported incident of less serious abuse

    A two (2) game/week suspension and a mandatory A&D Committee hearing to consider additional sanctions and/or remedial actions

    Stepping onto the field during game time or other threat to a youth referee (by word or action)

    A four (4) game/week suspension, and a mandatory A&D Committee hearing to consider additional sanctions and/or remedial actions and, if required by AYSO, a letter of apology to the youth referee, any specified form of appropriate apology to the players, coaches and parents of the teams affected by the conduct.

  4. Immediate and sincere remorse on the part of the offender may be taken into account by the A&D Committee when determining whether a lesser level of sanction should by applied.
  5. Egregious offenses shall result in immediate and continuing suspension of the offending person pending an A&D Committee hearing. These offenses may include, but are not limited to, repeated or multiple abusive situations, physical contact with a youth referee, or exceptionally inappropriate misbehavior directed toward a youth referee. The A&D Committee will determine further or more serious discipline if warranted. An egregious offense violates the fundamental mission of AYSO and requires strong action. Discipline may include, but is not limited to: suspension for the season, suspension for multiple seasons, "Rehabilitation" (e.g. taking the child/volunteer protection training, taking referee training, refereeing a set number of games, or other remedial education and training), or expulsion of the person and/or their child from further participation in AYSO.
  6. The suspended person has the right of appeal for any sanctions that the A&D Committee has imposed. All appeals must be made in writing to the Regional Commissioner (RC) within a 72-hour period. The RC or his designee (e.g. Board of Directors) will review the case, make any changes to the A&D Committee decisions, or enforce the decision as it stands.
  7. During the suspension, a coach may not attend any game for the team at whose game the misconduct occurred. The coach may attend practices of that team and games of other teams unless notified of additional restrictions by the Regional Referee Administrator or the A&D Committee. During their suspension, a spectator (not the head coach or assistant coach) may not attend any games of the team for which the misconduct occurred. They may attend other children’s games in other age groups. During their suspension, individuals (either coaches or spectators) may watch games from their car if they so choose.
  8. The Regional Board of Directors shall be notified of all suspensions at its next regular meeting and shall, subject to any further action of an A&D Committee and any right of appeal, enforce the disciplinary action.
  9. These sanctions apply only to the discipline of adult spectators and coaches. This policy does not apply to AYSO players or youth (under age 18) spectators. This policy does not limit, prevent, or replace any voluntary or required report or referral of improper conduct, by any adult toward any child, to any law enforcement or child protection agency.

Dave Lauben

Regional Referee Administrator

Adopted 8/1/1999, Revised 10/20/2005