Bad Weather Policy

Cold, Rainy, Windy, Snowy...Who Knows?


Who knows what New Mexico weather will bring. It might be beautiful one day and snow the next. When it comes to weather, we operate within three guidelines:

Game Cancellation

If a game is cancelled, the coaches have a decision to make. If you think the weather will improve, someone can stay at the field until the next team arrives and let them decide about their game, or you can take the equipment down. Once the equipment comes down, the whole day is cancelled. If you take down the equipment, take it home and call the Division Commissioner to report the situation. Please don't leave field equipment on the park after canceling a game. It seems like every time we have a cancellation, someone leaves a field set up, and our equipment gets stolen.

More Information

If you get up on Saturday, and it looks nasty, call your coach to see if your game has been cancelled. If you are a coach, call your Division Commissioner. If you are a Division Commissioner, call your Boys or Girls Coordinator. That way, we don't have 4000 people all calling one person. If you arrive at the game and the nets and cones and stuff are down, the games have been cancelled for the day.

When games are cancelled, we will post the information on this page as it becomes available, so you can always check here first.